Night venues reopening rules; Social distancing and face masks


Not dancing for so long? Now we can have a chance to do it, but not earlier than since June 21 this summer. But there are some rules for you to mention. According to Boris Johnson, night venues can be reopened again by the summertime. But the thing is that although all restrictions will be possible lifted, it will be not so easy to brings all the things back to normal. However, better than nothing. There is a document with plans about recovery, but reopening entertainment venues is the final step there. Fortunately, this document has some subject to review, so everything can be changed. We still don’t know which capacity entertainment venues will have, but it’s believed that limits can be peeled back. But rules devoting to social distancing and face masks are more likely to remain. The good thing is we will finally have possibility to enjoy parties with our besties.


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