Trans teensshot dead by their own mother


48-year-oldKrisinda Brightallegedly killed her kids; daughter (JasmineCannady, 22) and her son (Jeffrey Bright, 16). Jasmine was cis and Jeffreycame out as trans. It happened on 22nd of February in Pennsylvania, in Ambridge. According to the police, kid’s mother Bright called 911 after she shot her children. When police arrived, they found Krisinda Bright standing blooded of her daughter and son on the porch and waiting for them. It was easy to her into custody, because she was ready for it. Moreover, Krisinda told how it was; at first, she shot her daughter in her bed and then she went downstairs to shot Jeffrey. She had to fire the gun twice to kill him. The killing motive hasn’t been listed yet. As a result, Krisinda Bright was charged with two counts of homicide. Now the woman is at the the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office.


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