Baroness Nicholson is sure calling women ‘people’ is misgendering


Do you know you can misgender women? According to Baroness Nicholson, the best way to misgender women is call them ‘people’. As we know, Nicholson was always against transgender people. She was sure that it’s wrong and even dangerous when parents explain their children pronouns. Baroness Nicholson is also famous for her racist and transphobic abuse Munroe Bergdorf. She said that women’s rights are connected with appearance of marriage equality. However, her Wednesday tweet confused a lot of people; she wrote that calling women ‘people’ misgenders them. Nicholson said the Maternity Bill is wrong and misgendering because it calls women ‘people’. According to the Maternity Bill,the person has given birth and the person is pregnant, not the woman. Nicholson found it unfair when somebody calls her “a person”. Twitter users responded that “people” has nothing in common with gender, and women are definitely people.


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