Gay strongman Rob Kearney on how happy he was to come out


Speaking to students at Frontier Regional School in Massachusetts on November 22, Kearney noted that coming out in the sport full of toxic masculinity is never easy but it is always worth it, because it can only be possible to be happy if you overcome fears of being the way you are with no shame. Previously he pretended to be straight for years and lived with a female friend, whom he publicly introduced as his girlfriend, but it did not make him happy at all. “For me, it’s when I got to experience real love, once I was finally able to break down all those walls and accept me for who I actually was, it completely changed my life and let me be able to talk to students like you about the things that I’ve done in this world,” the sportsman said. Luckily, Kearney’s coming out experience was largely extremely positive – although he also said that haters were not quiet either. Kearney’s empowering message comes just months after he married his long term boyfriend. Kearney and Joey Aleixo married on March 17, and their ceremony was even attended by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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