Mr Potato Head will be gender-neutral


Old things have to be updated. This is exactly what toymaker Hasbro decided to do. Mr Potato Head, his toy, was born 70 years ago. Can you believe it? As we know, Mr Potato Head was binary before. But Hasbro decided to change it and make it gender-neutral. We can see a new name of it on toy’s boxes later this year. However, there are a lot of people, Twitter users, who didn’t like this idea with name change. Piers Morgan is sure Mr Potato Head was made gender-neutral to avoid upsetting wokies; he said that nobody wanted it will be rebranded. Ben Shapiro wrote that toy will be replaced by an asexual Pringlescan. Another user wrote that the insanity never ends posting a picture of this toy. But Hasbro sure they made everything right. Even Barbie has a line with gender non-confirming toys.


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