Russian feminist is charged with ‘gay propaganda’ for drawing female genitalia


The woman running a social media page called Vagina Monologues is accused of spreading pornography and ‘gay propaganda’, because she encourage people to depict vaginas in an artistic way not to view female reproductive organs as something forbidden. In part she works in the youth theater, that is why authorities accuse her of seducing children with her ‘explicit’ artworks. Yulia Tsvetkova could spend up to 15 years behind bars, if she is proven guilty, Moscow Times reports. Speaking to OVD-Info recently, Tsvetkova said police approached her at a train station while she was on a business trip and forcefully detained her, later also conducting a search in her apartment and art studio. 10 000+ people have signed a petition expressing support for Tsvetkova. “The accusation against the activist is absolutely absurd – there are no signs of pornography in her drawings, her persecution is politically motivated,” the petition reads.


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