Two teens beaten for holding hands


Think twice before holding your hands. Two teens (14 and 15) from New Zealand were attacked because girls held their hands. Teens are sure it was
nothingbut homophobic hate crime. According to the police, the attack happened in New Plymoutharound 5pm on the 21st of February. There were a group of 13 teenagers who saw girls holding their hands. These teenagers decided to follow girls and later they started shouting homophobic slurs at teens. According to one teen’s mother, these teenagers started even to paunch her daughter’s friend in the face and it repeated. Another teen wanted to stop it but as a result, she was assaulted too. Nobody even tries to help teens when they screamed loud. In the end, pharmacy worker took girls to the pharmacy. Later he called the police. One hour later they parents also came. A mother of one victim is sure these teenagers visit the same school as her daughter. She contacted school to identify them.


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