Dan Reynolds donates childhood home to queer youth charity


Imagine Dragonsfrontman Dan Reynoldsis not only a good singer, but also a good person. He has proven it by donating his childhood home to become aqueer youth centre. Its price is $1 million. 34-years-ol singer understands how important for LGBT youth is to be supported. That’s why he and his wife Aja Volkman decided to donate this house to Encircle, queer advocacy group. Reynolds said he knows difficulties young people can face now and he is sure his childhood home will became a crucial lifeline for LGBT young people. It was the reason why Reynolds and his wife decided to become honorary co-chairs of Encircle’s new campaign. “We are so happy to be a part of this organization. It means a lot for us both. We hope this project can connect people, it will be a supporting and loving home for queer young people,”Volkman said. This family is a good example for other celebrities.


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