Historic gay sauna at risk of closure


You have probably heard or even visited this sauna at least ones. If not, then I got a little bad news for you. Gay sauna The Pink Broadway in Southampton may close its doors for visitors. And it is all because insurance. There were no problems with it last 20 years. Markerstudy, who is currently the insurer of The Pink Broadway, decided to refuse renewing liability insurance policy of gay sauna. The explanation was that “this is a business for adults”. Having insurance is mandatory; it means that sauna’s activity is at risk. Peter Tatchell, who is a human rights campaigner, finds it unfair because there are too few gay venues in this region. He doesn’t understand why it is a problem for Markerstudy; adult services industry is legally in the country and every single gay sauna is currently at risk. Nick Batt, the owner of The Pink Broadway, tried to contact even Boris Johnson to solve this problem, but no results.


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