LGBT+ retirement community will be opened this year


Tonic Housing will be the first queer retirement community thatwill be opened this year. Queer community got £5.7m loan from London mayor Sadiq Khan. This money is enough forpurchasing 19 properties in Vauxhall (Lambeth). It is actually the very first organisation that provides housing for older queer people who needs that properties will be available for sale at spring and residents can move in already this summer. Khan is very proud to be a part of this all. He said it was very important for him to support Tonic Housing in creating queer retirement community in the city. All that was possible thanks to the Greater London Authority’s Community Housing Fund. Khan explained that London is an inclusive and divers. He hopes queer older people will be happy to spend their later years “in comfort and security, surrounded by a thriving, supportive community”. According to CEO of Tonic HousingAnna Kear, community makes history.


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