Tory politician makes history has the first elected MP who is Muslim and gay


Imran Ahmad-Khan made history when he was elected as MP for Wakefield in Yorkshire, getting 3358 more votes than the rivaling hopeful. His election marks the first time that the constituency has preferred a Tory candidate for more than 8 decades. The gay Muslim MP is now among 24 Tories who identify as LGBT+,, which is more than in any other party. Labour has 18 and the SNP has 10, one of whom was deselected before the election day. The British parliament is the most LGBT-inclusive in the world, as 8% f its MPs belong to the LGBT+ community. Khan is also the first Ahmadi ever to be elected to British parliament, as he belongs to the community of Ahmadiyya Muslims, a messianic movement originating in the Punjab. He is a strong advocate for Brexit and attributed his success to “Islington Remainers” who had branded Leave voters “stupid, uneducated, racist or wrong”.


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