Elite single-sex schools are to include transgender students


Several same-sex private schools in the UK are considering changing their policies in favor of those potential students whose actual gender identity does not match with the biological sex assigned at birth, The Independent reports. The all-girls Kilgraston School in Perthshire says it “would not rule out” admitting trans girls whose transition is yet to be completed. Similarly, St Paul’s School for boys in London, whose alumni includes former chancellor George Osborne, is now saying that pupils don’t need to be “biologically male” to be able to apply to the school. “The world is becoming less binary and depending on where it goes we will have to adapt,” the headmistress of Bolton School Girls’ Division told The Independent, adding that they are considering the gender-neutral uniform as well. They don’t have any trans pupils there yet, but following the legal advice thewy will start doing so.


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