Grindr users; Personality is more important than ever before


Coronavirus pandemic changed a lot in people’s life. According to the study, people started to pay attentions to things that were not important before; Grindr users started to pay their attention to personality of other users. 10,000Grindr users took part in this study. Among them were users from such countries as UK, US, India, Mexiko and Brazil. All the users were asked how Coronavirus has affected their love and sex lives and what has changed since the beginning of pandemic. The study showed that romance is not dead. Pandemic affected people in a good way; they started trying to dig deeper into their core values, to understand who they are and what they really want, they started to think more about their health condition. According to the study, almost 70%of Grindr users said that personality became more important to them and almost 60% are hoping for a long term relationship.


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