Harry Potter video game: Trans witches and wizards


Are you a fan of Harry Potter? We got some good news for you; all the Hogwarts Legacy players will be able to create transgender character. It became known after several anonymous people contacted Jason Schreier, who is avideo game reporter for Bloomberg. According to Schreier, players will be able to choose and change character’s voice, type of character’s body and even gender placement in dormitories. It doesn’t matter what body type you chose for your character, you can chose feminine or male voice. You will also able to choose among ‘witches’ or ‘wizards’. Game development team wanted to make it possible earlier, but they faced resistance from management at first. Later they still could do it possible to make this game more inclusive. Schreier also said that Hogwarts Legacyis at least a year away, but he hopes anything changes till that moment. Video game will be out next year (2022).


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