Organist was fired from the church because he married a man


A gay organist has reportedly been fired from playing in two Irish churches because he married a man he loved. The organist who preferred his name not to be revealed was “removed” from his post Drumcliffe Parish Church and a sister church in Munninane, both in Co Sligo, according to Church Times. He claimed that he was removed from the post by Rector, the Ven. Isaac Hanna, because he had tied the knot to his boyfriend in the civil ceremony just a few weeks before. The Rector reportedly visited his home on October 11 in advance of the wedding to state that he was “uncomfortable” with keeping him on following the ceremony. Now they still fail to find a substitution for him and use pre-recorded music. The move prompted a strongly worded letter from former churchwarden Annie West, who wrote that she “emphatically and utterly” condemned the decision to remove the organist. A spokeswoman told Church Times: “At a meeting convened by the Bishop of Kilmore over the present pastoral difficulties in the Drumcliffe group of parishes in Sligo, the Bishop proposed that the issues concerned are addressed in a process of mediation from outside the parish and the diocese. The Bishop is hopeful that mediation may bring about needed resolution and reconciliation.”


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