The firstgay throuple legallynamed on their children’s birth certificates


The first US gay throuple who was named as fathers on their kids certificates shared some new about their life. Jeremy Allen Hodges, Alan Mayfield and Ian Jenkins were finally listed as fathers on their daughter’s [Piper] birth certificate. It happened in 2017. But the way for it was not easy; even California court had to intervene. Throuple said they have an ordinary life since that time. AS it turned out, Jeremy, Alan and Ian became fathers for the second time; now they have also a son Parker. Ian Jenkins decided even to write a book Three Dads and a Baby. According to Jenkins, it’s not a big deal that their kids have three fathers. “Many people like me have three parents; father, mother and stepmother or mother, father and stepfather and no one thinks anything of it. It’s not about a ton of sex or something like this, it’s about love,” Jenkins said. In his book we can read about challenges they faced as a family with three fathers.


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