Gay man refused to rent flat


If you are a gay, you can be refused to rent a flat you want. This is exactly what happened to Raffaele from Marcianise (Italy). 30-years-old man wanted to move in and has even already bought the furniture for his new home. Unfortunately, the landlord decided to dash Raffaele’s dreams. As it was turned out, Raffaele wanted to move in because of his new job at a clothing store. A few days after Raffaele and the landlord met, he received a call from the real estate agency and he found out that the agency decided to withdraw the offer. The reason was that Raffaele is gay. A man was just stunned. He doesn’t understand it at all. “It’s so unfair. I work and pay taxes. And I am denied my fundamental rights only because I am homosexual?”Raffaele added. Francesco Emilio Borrell, who is Green Europe regional councillor, thinks it’s nothing more but “a sign of a cultural backwardness”.


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