George Takei helps one gay man fulfil his dream of going to space


There are so many people in the whole world who are ready to make your dreams come true. This is exactly what George Takei tries to do. His main goal is that Jon Carmichael becomes the first ever openly gay man in outer space.Carmichael is a 24-years-ols gay astrophotographer with a big dream; he wants to make it to the stars.He is a professional photographer who took a pictures of sky hoping to explore the universe. Carmichaelis sure he has all chances to be among crew members aboard the Inspiration4. Takei shared a post on his Twitter saying that he understands this dream of astrophotographerCarmichael. “First gay man in space? I certainly can relate to that dream,” he wrote. Takei said that Carmichael’s story inspired him. He promised that he and all his allies will do all their best to make Carmichael’s wish come true.


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