German bishops declare that it’s OK to be gay


German bishops have revised teachings on sexual morality and declared that homosexuality is not beyond them. As the Catholic Church prepares for its contended review, the Commission for Marriage and Family of the German Bishops’ Conference came to the consensus to define homosexuality as a normal form of sexual disposition. Moreover, church organisers committed to “newly assessing” topics such as sacraments of ordination and marriage, with another revision being that adultery is, of course, a sin, but not a grave sin anymore. The German Catholic Church’s statement comes ahead of a two-year ‘Synodal Process’ by the Germans which will see a national reform consultation. Although, Vatican leaders still oppose it. The panel also said that “any form of discrimination of those persons with a homosexual orientation has to be rejected.” However, the panel did not reach a consensus across all battle lines. There was no consensus on “whether the magisterial ban on practiced homosexuality is still up to date.”


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