Green Lantern gay: DC superhero comes out


Are you a comics fan? Then we got some good news for you. Alan Scott, who is better known as The Golden Age Green Lantern of DC Comics’, came out as gay. Many people know his history; DC introduced himin the 1940s. Later he was even married to a woman (Rose Canton). However, in the latest reboot we find out that Scott is gay. And do you know what makes his to think about his transformation into the Green Lantern? It will be the loss of his partner [boyfriend]. It took time for him to understand and recognize who he really is. “I even had to marry some women before I understood it,” the Green Lantern explained. Scott’s creator James Tynion IV has already hinted at his sexuality before. We can enjoy this story in the next month. Alan Scott will be represented as gay from very beginning of the show.


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