Substitute teacher tells pupil not to be grateful for 2 dads


A substitute teacher was removed from a Utah school after she started a homophobic tirade interrupting a speech from one of the pupils who was talking about how grateful he was that his two fathers adopted him and he was able to know what it meant to have a loving family. The teacher was working at Deerfield Elementary in Cedar Hills, Utah in the week before Thanksgiving. She asked a class of fifth graders to make lists of things they were grateful for in 2019. “Why on earth would you be happy about that?” the teacher allegedly told the adopted boy, emphasizing that there was nothing to be grateful for. She then launched into a ten-minute tirade against homosexuality that horrified the room of 30 children, repeatedly calling it wrong and sinful. Several pupils stepped up and repeatedly asked the substitute teacher to stop. When she continued they left the class to get the principal, who promptly escorted the woman out of the building. The teacher was still arguing and trying to make her point as she was being taken off the premises. She also tried to blame the boy for her outburst.


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