Duncan James’ sent abuse for having a gay dad


Today we’re living in such society where your children can be bullied only because you are gay. This is exactly what happened to Duncan James’s teenage daughter Tianie. As we knowJames came out as bisexual in 2009, but later he claimedtabloids pressured him to say that. He came out as gay in 2019. The Blue singer opened up that Tianie was confronted by bad people online. It all started since James came out as gay. 16-years-old teenager receives hundreds of massages like “You should be ashamed of you dad”, “How do you feel about your gay dad?” or “Isn’t it disgusting for you that your daddy is gay?” James thinks all these people are just crazy. Moreover, the Blue singer explained he face abuse on social media itself by homophobic trolls. “They wrote me I should burn in hell and that I will be punished by God one day,” James added.


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