New dating show Flirty Dancing started with a lesbian dance routine


The 4th episode of Channel 4’s brand new dating show included a sparkle of love at first sight between two women. Flirty Dancing pairs singletons and teaches them a dance routine separately, before they go on a date where they are supposed to perform their dance as a couple. As a dancing couple at first, but then – time will show. Episode four featured Faye 28, an event planner from Malvern, and Sarah 24, a student from Tamworth. Both live in rural areas where it is problematic for women to date women or even to open up about their sexuality. Faye and Sarah’s dance was designed specially for them, including several “feminine, flirty moments” and mirroring to show how similar they are. Their desire for balance in a relationship was also reflected in the mutual “dipping” moves. After being taught the routine separately, the pair met for the first time on a beautiful Birmingham rooftop garden and the dance was perfect. Both agreed that there was some chemistry between them and the date was not the last.


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