Science: Masturbation is a good painkiller


Do you know the best way to keep your period cramps away? Believe it or not, it’s masturbation. Some women haven’t even expected that there is a natural painkiller that can solve their problem. A global study came to this conclusion; 500 women were asked to refuse of conventional painkillers they used to take for a month. Instead of conventional painkillers women were asked to use sex toys. All the sex toys were provided by the study researchers. And do you know what results sis they have? 70 per cent of all participants confirmed that masturbation had a good impact on their pains during their periods. Moreover, they said that the effect was immediate. According to the results, masturbation helped to relieveother period symptoms like sore breasts, bloating, backache, and diarrhoea. Women said they started to sleep better. 90% of participants said they will even recommend it their friends.


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