Panama: No adoption for same-sex couples


Panama bill number 120 changed life of queer people. What does this bill actually mean for people? The main its goal is to protect kids and minors from being separated from their biological parents. In such way, single parents as well as married couple have possibility to adopt children. But the thing is that it is not possible to do for same-sex couples. According to the bill bythe National Assembly, only “different sex” partners” have right to adopt children. As we know, same-sex marriage isn’t legal in Panama. This bill has also to besigned by country’s president Laurentino Cortizo, who is able to veto or change this bill. Cristian González Cabrera from Human Rights Watch [researcher of LGBT right] is sure this bill doesn’t correspond children’s interest. According to the human rights organisation, this bill has nothing in common with promises of government because some government establishment said ones that they “eject all types of violence, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia or discrimination”.


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