Natasha Cloud married her girlfriend in secret


So many people don’t want to tell about events of their life like marriage because of fear. It was the reason why WNBA star Natasha Cloud kept her marriage in secret. Cloudengaged her partner Aleshia Ocasio, who is professional softball player, almost two years ago. AS it turned out on the 10th of March, Cloud and Ocasiotied the knot in October 2020. And the reason of their marriage was shocking; they decided to tie the knot in case Trump got re-elected in October. A couple just feared for their rights. And it has to be mentioned that Cloud and Ocasio wasn’t the only couple who panicked in October last year; they have fears that marriage equality could be rolled back because of government. They knew Trump administration attacked LGBT Americans and people didn’t want the same again. Although Trump wasn’t re-elected, Cloud and Ocasio are happy with their decision to marry.


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