The Surrogates: Surrogate mom about helping a gay couple


Do you know how can you get a new meaning of your life? The best way to feel it is to become a surrogate mother. A surrogate mom from Britain told about her experience. Emma decided to share her story in new BBC Three documentary called The Surrogates. She became one of other five surrogate mothers who shared their stories in documentary. In The Surrogates we can learn about surrogacy in the UK. Emma became a surrogate mother for gay couple, Aki(sperm provider) and Kevin from Berkshire. They met each other through fertility app. Emma didn’t hesitate to help them, she agreed immediately. As it turned out, a surrogate mother has son Jacob who is already two years old. From the beginning she understood that this baby is not her baby and she will be ready to give it to its biological parents. Emma said before she met this couple she has no sense in her life, but after surrogacy program she found the meaning. The Surrogates is available on the BBC iPlayer on the 14th of March. You can watch it on BBC One on the 17th of March.


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