Rape: How Demi Lovato lost her virginity


Do you know what the worst nightmare for every girl is? Yes, to be raped. Unfortunately, for Demi Lovato it was reality. We all have already heard about her docuseries Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil. This docu is really explosive; we can learn more about Demi’s career, her childhood, addiction and recovery. We have already heard about some details because it has been leaked. We’ve already written about details connected with three strokes and a heart attack when Lovato faced overdosing. But the last leaked detail is just heartbreaking; Demi told she was raped. Moreover, she was a virgin before. It happened when she worked for the Disney Channel in childhood. The thing is that rapistfaced no repercussions when singer revealed what happened. Moreover, Demi had to meet this rapistall the time after it happened. According to Lovato, they hooked up, and when it went farthershe said she doesn’t want it because she was a virgin. But this person did it anyway.


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