Hungarian government denies that the country is pulled out of Eurovision because it is too gay


According to The Guardian, a pro-government TV station called the competition “a homosexual flotilla” earlier this year and said not taking part would have only a positive impact on the mental health of Hungarians. A source inside the local public broadcaster MTVA said media heads believe the contest is “too gay”. Shaun Walker, the Guardian journalist who originally wrote the story, said that MTVA found the comments made on their behalf to be unacceptable and outrageous. “The professional decision has been made that instead of attending the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020, directly the talents of the Hungarian pop music and their valuable performances will be supported. We want to lay down that one’s sexual orientation is not being considered at any performance or event,” the current statement from the broadcaster reads. Zoltán Kovács, Hungary’s Secretary of State for International Communication, also said that Eurovision’s LGBT stance is not an issue for Hungary.


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