The Masked Singer: Caitlyn Jenner inspires trans kids


71-years-old Caitlyn Jenner decided to come to The Masked Singer. The reason was that she wanted to inspire trans children. She was unmasked after she performed as Phoenix. Before she started performing she said that she is a winner-baby for many people that see her. She as Phoenix said also that although people saw her always on the covers, she has hidden behind a mask the bigger part of her life. Jenner’s performing ofKesha‘s “TikTok” didn’t improve judges and Phoenix became the second masked who was eliminated from the competition. Later she told that she came to this show with the aim to change the next generation. “People can live their life authentically and still have life out there,” she said. The most important thing for her is to remain visible. Moreover, Jenner said that young people should pay attention to education because it is very important for their future.


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