Graham Norton: Expectations of gay men to marry and have kids is weird


Are you a gay man? Do you expect to get married and have kids? Graham Norton, chat show host, thinks it is weird. He said he is so glad that he has not to face those decisions. “I’ve never wanted to go down the single parent route. It’s weird to have kids single”, chat show hostsaid. He explained when he was young he didn’t want children at all. Now he is single and dating is not for him, especially in pandemic time. He also said he hadn’t even a period in his life when he was very close to getting married. Of course, Norton met people that made him think they’ll be together to the rest of his life, but it hadn’t happened; those people didn’t share this view with him and according to Norton, it’s the decision that should be made by both. Norton had relationship withTina Burner from RuPaul’s Drag Race but it ended in heartbreak.


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