Rupert Grint ‘respects’ but ‘disagrees with’ JK Rowling


Rupert Grint decided to support queer community after JK Rowling‘s controversial comments over trans rights.But he made it smartly. Grint said that he respects Rowling as a person but couldn’t agree with her comments about transgender community. As we remember, JK Rowling made people crazy in Twitter by retweeting a post where “people who menstruate” were discussed. She didn’t agree that there was no word “women”and asked her followers what word should she you use instead: Wumben? Wimpund?Woomud?”Rupert Grint said he supports trans community. He also added that people should all be entitled to live with love and with out judgement. Grint said that JK Rowling is very talented and her works are genius, but he thinks he has right to respect this person and disagree with her.


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