A Star is Born: Adam Lambert doesn’t want to be Lady Gaga’s gay best friend


Do you remember Ramon from in A Star is Born? Yes, was played by Anthony Ramos. However, this role could belong to Adam Lambert. Singer told he auditioned for this role, but he had to turn down because this character is Latino. According producers, Lambert was the best character for this role because he looks like a gay best friend. He found it cute and wanted to accept proposal, but later, when he saw the script, he refused. Lambert said that his character’s name was Latino, he used slang, he called Lady Gaga ‘Mami’ etc. So he decided it was not his part. As we know, Adam Lambert has already done a lot for LGBT community; he founded the Feel Something Foundation that supports queer organisations. Moreover, Lambert hosts Pride Live’s fourth annual Stonewall Day. Musical performances for Stonewall Day will be curated be singer on the 6th of June.


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