Green Party leader says that Boris Johnson’s homophobic remarks are unacceptable


Sian Berry condemns the British Prime Minister, saying that the person who sis using homophobic, racist and sexist slurs in a casual manner, and does not even feel guilty for it, is definitely not suitable for the role of the leader of the country and for politics in general. The Green Party leader also denounced the Home Office’s treatment of LGBT+ asylum seekers, saying that the potential refugees are often cruelly humiliated, which leaves them permanently traumatized. Touching on the subject of transphobia within her own party, she said that even though she speaks on the party’s behalf, she is not able to speak on behalf of every member of the party as a personality. But talking about herself, she believes transgender women to be women and thinks that they deserve to gain access to single-sex spaces in accordance to the gender they identify. “I grew up seeing trans people treated by Sunday tabloids as scandalous curiosities, and as the subject of jokes on TV. Even before I knew anyone who was trans it was obvious this was cruel and abusive,” she told PinkNews


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