Homophobe from Nigeria claims his son is gay because he lives in Europe


Doyin Okupe, who is a homophobic ex-presidential aide from Nigeria, accuses Europe. He is sure his son is gay because he lives in Europe. Bolu Okupe, Doyin’s son, came out as gay in January this year. He lives in Paris now. He decided to share a post in Instagram where he is holding a Pride flag. Bolu has also tight rainbow shorts on. This picture has description: “Yes, I’m gay.” Doyin Okupe was always opposed to homosexuality, but now he soothes down himself byclaiming that his son became gay because he has to do the Lord’s work. Ex-presidential aide is sure that his son belongs to LGBT community he has to be an instrument of God to them.Doyin said that Bolu was influenced by his European environment and that’s why he became gay. “Boluis still my son but his mind is already European. His mind depends already on his newenvironment,”Doyin Okupe commented.


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