Francis Lee shouldn’t tell lesbian stories


Francis Lee, director of Ammonite, lost his words when he was told heshouldn’t tell stories about lesbians.Lee became popular after his picture God’s Own Country (2017). Director faced real pushback after the announcement that he works on his second picture – a lesbian drama (with ate Winslet asMary Anning). After this announcement Lee was told he shouldn’t work on lesbian stories. It was explained that film industry doesn’t represent many queer working-class people. He explained he found it important to represent this working-class woman because men blocked her and her work has been reappropriated by men. That’s why she decided this relationship couldn’t be with a man. Many people didn’t understand why palaeontologist was portrayed as a lesbian; they couldn’t find evidence she was queer. But the thing it this is not a biopic. You will able to enjoy Ammoniteon the 26th of March.


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