Joe Biden urged to recognize non-binary people


Trans and non-binary people demand to be recognized; they want to have “X” markers in their documents. As we know, US citizens have only possibility to identify them as either male or female on their passports. The problem is that transgender people have to misgender themselves. We have heard promises of Joe Biden to introduce a third “X” marker when he launched presidential campaign. He said he will make it in first 100 days of his presidency. Unfortunately, no changes have been made since that time. That’s why it came to a petition. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) decided to deliver this petition because they are sure that trans and non-binary people deserve to be recognized. They are about to make it on Trans Day of Visibility that is celebrated on the 31stof March. This petition has already 70,000 signatures. We hope for good news for the community.


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