Gay man with Down’s syndrome starred in a documentary and won hearts


A man living with Down’s syndrome explored his sexuality in the brand new documentary for Channel 4. The documentary, which has been described as “hugely life-affirming, warm and non-patronizing”, followed people with learning disabilities trying to start and manage an independent life away from home. Viewers quickly warmed to Curtis, 27, from London, who won a legion of fans after his mother revealed his affinity for men with beards, in part admitting a crush on his café co-worker, saying that he wants to be his boyfriend and to marry him. But in spite of his enthusiasm, his mother explained that Curtis has been struggling to fully understand whom exactly he loves because he loves everybody. “There are just not enough men in his life, not enough gay men. We have had a few talks about whether he’s ready for dating, but maybe that’s the next step,” his support worker says.


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