Lib Dem leader and what she thinks of LGBT


Jo Swinson has distanced herself from her former party leader Tim Farron and Lib Dem candidate Dr Phillip Lee over their controversial answers on the questions about homosexuality or a refusal to answer these questions at all. She has made it clear that to her mind gay sex is not a sin at all. She also disagreed with Dr Phillip Lee concerning transgender people being put in segregated facilities. She insisted that bullying starts with parents, children are not born hateful and prejudiced, they are brought up this way by adults who are not educated enough, this is where the anti-bullying programs should start. As for sharing space with trans women, she feels that all women, no matter cis or trans, should be safe around one another. Being asked about her best Pride memory she replied: “I was pregnant and it was a really hot day – but I think that’s more a message about parades when you’re in your second trimester rather than anything else! I really loved this year’s Prides in Glasgow and London where I marched with so many LGBT+ Lib Dems and their big ‘Bollocks to Hate’ signs, and accessorized with a gorgeous rainbow feather hairband. Such a gorgeous, colorful carnival or love”


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