Nigel Farage repeatedly appeared with an anti-gay preacher


Nigel Farage has repeatedly appeared on a homophobic, anti-Muslim and antisemitic hate preacher’s TV show. The Brexit Party leader has appeared on conservative Christian broadcaster Rick Wiles’ TV show at least six times between 2011 and 2016. Wiles, who once said the Antichrist will be a gay Jewish, has his own show since 1999. Farage’s appearances saw the politician peddle several antisemitic conspiracy theories, according to anti-racist group Hope Not Hate, and they failed to record all the appearances of Farage on this show. Wiles has stated that he has been interviewing Farage since “around 2006, maybe 2005”, and has claimed that TruNews was the first radio/TV program in the USA to introduce the British politician to the American audience. A spokesman for Farage told The Guardian: “Nigel has done a huge amount of US radio, TV and media appearances over the last decade and more. If Mr Farage did appear on this radio show as The Guardian suggests, then he was certainly not aware of Mr Wiles’s views.”


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