Yann Songo’o used homophobic slur after player threatened to kiss him


Do you know the best way to make Yann Songo’o angry? You should try to kiss him. Cameroonian midfielderYann Songo’oused homophobic slur. The reason was that another player threatened he kisses him. It happened in the League Two game when they played against Tranmere Rovers. The play was on 30 January.As it was turned out, incident happened because Tranmeretriggered it. He had a head injury. Opponent decided to came closer to Songo’o. Songo’o asked what he was doing and opponent answered he wants to kiss him. Songo’ocalled his opponent a “faggot”.When referee Paul Howard heard it, he decided to send him off the pitch. Moreover, Songo’o received a red card. Later, Songo’o explained that he is so sorry for using this slur. He said he didn’t even understand the offence because English is not his language.


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