Boris Johnson’s opponents staged a wedding of 3 men and a dog


LGBT+ activists have staged a protest against homophobia outside Downing Street over Boris Johnson’s refusal to backtrack on his past remarks that allowing same-sex weddings would have been the same as allowing a wedding of 3 men and a dog. Dozens of activists gathered outside the gates of Downing Street on Saturday for the ‘Bum Boys against Boris’ protest, just days ahead of the general election in the country. In a reference to one of Johnson’s pejorative remarks, the protesters staged a mock wedding between three men and a dog, who were declared “man and woof” by an officiant. The event organizers explained: “Boris Johnson wants your vote on December 12, but what has he done for us lately? He once attacked, ‘Labour’s appalling agenda, encouraging the teaching of homosexuality in schools’. He referred to gay people as ‘tank topped bumboys’, in an article celebrating the resignation of a politician that had not publicly come out yet”.


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