Britney Spears: Formal request to end father’s control


39-years old singer decided to requested a judge formally this time; she hopes to finally end her father’s control. As we know, Jamie controls her life more than 10 years. Jamie Spears started to control his daughter’s life in 2008 after she suffered a mental health crisis. Britney has already tried to stop his father to control her life; she carried a petition to California courtand hoped to have her father resign from a chief post. She hoped Jamie will be replaced by Jodi Montgomeryknown as a care professional who has already taken this position in 2019 when Jaime had health problems. Moreover, singer hopes to end her conservatorship altogether. Of course, we can understand her; she doesn’t want her life to be controlled, she wants to meet people when she wants without limits. Court hearing devoted to this petition will take place on the 27th of April.


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