New Jersey lets transgender people use preferred bathroom


Gurbir Grewal, the 61st attorney general of New Jersey, announced the move on November 27. H said that all people should be living free from discrimination and be themselves regardless of gender identity. Grewal has joined with 22 other attorney general’s in the US who are fighting to support trans civil rights by filing a federal court brief arguing that schools can’t lawfully deny students access to the restrooms consistent with their gender identity, stating that now they are all proudly standing with the LGBT community. “In New Jersey and across this country, individuals deserve the right to be treated in line with their gender identity and to live free of transphobia,” Grewal said in a statement, ensuring that safety and dignity of all the citizens, including transgender ones, will be put as a main priority. Grewal’s office said the multi-state brief is in support of Gavin Grimm, a trans student who filed a lawsuit in 2015 when his school in Virginia refused to let him use the male bathrooms consistent with his gender identity.


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