Homophobic abuse: Queer couple in fear


Stephen Lanzaand his partner Jason Smith became victims of homophobic abuse. Lanza and Smith from England are queer couple who run Mosaic Boutique in Staffordshire. It all started in February when they decided to report Alex Johnson (36) to authorities because he breached lockdown restrictions. Police visited his house and didn’t notice he was doing something wrong.Of course, it led to revenge. Johnson visits couple’s property and shouts homophobic slurs. Since that time Lanza and Smith feel violated and angry. According to Smith, he’s felt stressed every day since that moment. A couple has to check their surrounding constantly after this incident. According to defence, Alex Johnsonis not a homophobic person. However, mitigator said Johnsonhas longstanding mental health difficulties. He came to a couple that day and shouted towardsSmith: “Gay”. As a result, Johnsonpleaded guilty to using abusive slurs and said he was very angry.


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