Transgender racing driver Charlie Martin on how transition saved her life


The endurance racing driver became the first out transgender person to compete in the Michelin Le Mans Cup, and aspires to take part in the famous Le Mans 24 Hour event. Martin was suffering from mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, from the very young teens, but when she reached 30 it became unbearable and she started considering taking her own life. I lost all sense of connection with my identity. I’d look in the mirror and think, ‘I don’t know who the hell this person is staring back at me. There was only one way I was going to carry on living and that was to transition, living as my true self,” she shared with Sky News. After taking time off from racing to start her transition in 2012, Martin explained that it was “incredibly scary” to come back to her favorite sport as a woman. “Picture the scene: I’m walking back into that space that I know so well and people don’t know me, don’t realize it’s me, don’t know what’s happening, people are freaking out, looking very awkward and not speaking to me,” she recalled.


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