Zaya and Dwyane Wade learned life lessons from Pose


Pose can be really instructive.Dwyane Wade told that Pose became an important lesson for him and his daughter Zaya (15) after they watched it together. They became among thousands of people who have their eyes opened by this series. Sportsman told that a scene, where parents decided to kick out their child Damon just because his sexual orientation, became very important and instructive for them. As we know, ZayaWade came out as trans in 2020. Pose showed her how queer teenager can feel when his family kick him out. Dwyane Wade supported his daughter. Moreover, he told it is very important to support our kids and let them be themselves. “We have to respect their choice and help them succeed in life,” sportsman added. He explained he will love his children unconditionally no matter what happens because this is his job.


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