Ariana Grande: The most lip-synced to artist in Drag Race herstory


New record for the most lip-synced to songs in Drag Race herstory was broken. And this time it’s Ariana Grande. Pop diva shared a post on her Instagram saying that it’s the biggest honourfor her and he can’t stop screaming. “I’m so thankful RuPaul. Nobody understands what it means to me,”Ariana wrote. Drag Race lip-sync battles used sever songs of Grande: “Into You”, “One Last Time”, “Problem”, “Break Free”, “Bang Bang” and “Greedy”. As we know, Grande became the owner of a Grammy this year for Best Pop Duo Performance for the song with Lady Gaga “Rain on Me”. However, it shouldn’t be compared to what happened in Drag Race. Behind Ariana’s song on the show we can hear Britney Spears and Madonna. 5 songs apiece belonged also to Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Rihanna. Of course, there is one person whose songs have been performed most often on the show. It’s RuPaul Charles.


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