Jo Swinson hits back at radio caller who is against gender-neutral uniforms


Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson hit back at a radio caller who attacked the party’s proposal to update the current uniform policy in the British schools to make it more inclusive and diverse. The angry caller, named Karen, said: “What is it with you and your party putting forward this gender-neutral, boys can go to schools wearing skirts? Why do you think that’s acceptable?” To this Swinson responded that nobody will force boys to wear skirts if they don’t want to, but why to force them to wear pants if they don’t want to, when there can be a choice? Asked by Ferrari whether she would allow her son to wear a dress to school, the Lib Dem leader added: “If they wanted to, then yes. My five-year-old has silver sparkly shoes. I might have technically bought them in the ‘girls’ section, but he really wanted the silver sparkly shoes, so he’s got silver trainers. The sky is still there.”


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