Woman who has 4 moms says her upbringing was great


A woman brought up by 4 lesbians says it made her self-assured and confident, because all her mothers were living proofs of how powerful and amazing a woman can be. Brooklyn Joseph told Slate that she was born in 1979 to her biological mother Lynn via artificial insemination, and that “Mom No. Two” Donna co-parented her from birth. But the two were not a couple, they were two single lesbians who were friends and who both wanted a child. But later each of them found a true love and started to live with their long-term partners, and Brooklyn got along with both of them pretty well and brought her up together in a common household. A lesbian family itself was not a common thing in 80s-early 90s, let alone a lesbian family with 4 parents. Joseph started life thinking her family was the same as everyone else’s, but when she was in sixth grade she was told to make a family tree as homework. The tree had labeled sections for a “mother” and “father” and she had no idea how to make this task, so she hid that she had 4 moms to protect them from abuse. Now she is married, she has two children and they are in perfect relationships with their three maternity grannies remained. Brooklyn’s biological mother Lynn passed away in 2014.


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